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L i f e - in - P.I.C.T.U.R.E.S

My Farewell Party

HELP Groups
LACC 75th Anniversary
Yu Hua Sch

On 24th July 2004 @ 1700H


What a Joke!...Didn't know JEAN was the ONE who plan da cReam W A C K on me!

ThAnks to

  • Both my Parents for giving me & Jean full Support to go ahead with the party and...dealing with the bills hehe.
  • Family members & m@tes  who turned up and HELPed make dA pArty HAPPENIN-not forgetting presents from U guys and em,not Crying at da N of da day.
  • Boon Hoe for making dA fruit CAKE, so touching!
  • Aunty Honey for the WARNING... unfortunately it didn't help, i was so Blur then ...."what a Waste hor?"
  • Jean who come out with such CrE@my  idea...sweeet.
  • Louise who came up from behind with the cream ...u daring lil devil.
  • SzeAnn who came from da FRONT with da Cream...MAAAAAAN, u had me BIG time!
  • Cameraman YingHong, JunWen, Eugene, BoonHoe & Andy for that video capture of me Being Face SMACKd!  Good Job which made GREAT pictures! man....those flashes from all yo cameras made me felt like a "STAR"

dA"V i d e o"of me being smacked...luckily not gang "wack" here

click here to view Pictures taken on 1st of Aug @ KLIA


Here R some pic taken B4 & After the pArty!